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  • About Us

    Sosyal Yazilim is the home of innovation.
    Our team of developers create visionary technology that powers global customer-facing products that have community at their heart.

    Our partners are mobile only operators who are disrupting the world of sports and entertainment with products driven by social interaction and gamified mechanics.

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How We Work

Sosyal Yazilim develops innovative mobile applications through social and gamified user experience.

  • What we build

    We bring the vision and context to empower great decisions, so we focus on posing the right questions rather than dictating detailed solutions.

  • How we build it

    Our partnership sees the Product team focus on outcomes, while Engineering, Design and Data teams look at how we get there.

  • Communication

    We communicate the who, what, why and when to the company. We also work closely with Marketing, Support and Operations.

Our Values

Our dynamic team is motivated by a strong entrepreneurial spirit. We believe in…

  • Dialog

    • Be a great listener
    • No blaming, no excuses
    • Show interest in not just what we do but also how we do things
  • Care

    • Show grit and resilience
    • Make a difference not because a manager asks for it, but because you want to
    • Show your care for business, not by showing ego but through collaboration and inclusiveness
  • Curiosity

    • Show progress in your skills and behaviours
    • Be brave enough to challenge each other
    • Commit to a journey to be a learner in your life for your hard and soft skills
  • Product

    • Focus on disruption and continuous innovation
    • Make an impact on customer’s live
    • Don’t give up till what you get until Sosyal Yazılım deserves
  • Results

    • Measure and show progress
    • Demand more in people’s performance
    • Make results visible
    • Care about the impact on end results
  • Level Up

    • Strive for high-quality performance in yourself and your team
    • Don’t settle, ask for more
    • Build strong teamwork to do things that are hard to achieve

Meet the Team

  • Finance & Operations Specialist

  • Back-End Developer

  • IOS Developer

  • Agile Lead

  • Back-End Developer

  • Android Developer

  • Front-End Developer

  • Product Designer

Our Office

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